Simply superior insulation in every way! 

For the build of our new house we wanted the highest level of insulation to compliment our "no bills" concept. It was great to find Geoff, Trish and the team at The Alternative Energy Company who offered proper insulation with high R values at a reasonable price.  Read more..

— John Clifton


We are proud to supply PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP).

PIR Insulation has fantastic thermal performance and is designed to greatly improve the insulation of your home or workplace, creating a warm, condensation free, healthy living and working environment.

PIR insulation has featured regularly in the "Grand Designs" T.V. programme from Europe and we are now supplying this advanced insulation to New Zealand.                         

Our PIR insulation (Eurothane GP) is versatile and can be used to insulate walls, floors or pitched roofs. Its outstanding insulation performance (which is measured in R-Values) is nearly double that of standard commonly used glassfibre mat products meaning you can now put our superior insulation in your 90mm exterior stud walls and get an incredible R-Value of 4.09.

PIR Insulation exceptional performance does not stop with its fantastic thermal performance, it is also superior to all other commonly used insulation products in every way. Eurothane PIR insulation is light weight yet strong with a high compressive strength has a class 1 fire rating and is moisture resistant. It does not react with the sheating on electric cables. Environmental friendly Eurothane PIR achieves an 'A' rating in the BRE green building guide.

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Advantages of insulating with PIR

Insulation for your Roof, Wall and Floor
Insulation is easy to handle
Insulation will safe you a lot of money
Insulation protects you from condensation

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